the must-have wine for that Costa Smeralda feeling

There are places of longing to which people return again and again. The Costa Smeralda is one such place. Nowhere else is the sea so turquoise, the sun so radiant and the view over the islands so enchanting. But Sardinia is more than just an island for sailors and holiday-makers, it embodies inspiration and the feeling of being alive. On the Costa Smeralda, the Italian way of life is presented as an expression of joy and elegance. So it’s easy to see why this place became such a magnet for the rich and beautiful early on and the home of Conte Lemár.

Conte Lemár - Neptune’s favorite wine

NEPTUNUS VIDET ET AMORE CAPITUR. It is said that even Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, found the area around the Costa Smeralda mysterious and exciting. Homer wrote in the Odyssey about Neptune and his favorite drink, referring to it as a pale-pink-colored wine. It would not be at all surprising if Conte Lemár were the favorite wine of the god of the sea, which is why he is our symbolic figure